We Are Here To Help

Meet with a licensed counselor via video chat for an hour one on one session through a HIPPA compliant platform. Each session is confidential with exceptions for minors. Learn to navigate through the ups and downs of life as you speak with a councilor. Each councilor is also a licensed therapist and is given the choice of which clients they would like to take on.

Important: Please keep in mind that Central Recovery Center's counseling services are not meant to be a replacement for in person treatment with a licensed therapist. As of right now we do not diagnose clients, our online counseling services are designed to give people a place to receive help with any issues they may be going through from the comfort of their own home.

Purpose Statement

Our purpose at Central Recovery Center is to help transform the life’s of people who are struggling by connecting them to a counselor who has been thoroughly interviewed so clients can be taught the skills and tools they need in order to succeed on their life journey.


At Central Recovery Center we believe in the power of growth and leave no one behind. We set up everyone for success and provide the knowledge and skills to help everyone grow at their own pace.

You Don’t Have To Fight This Alone

You don’t have to suffer in silence, we are here to help and are on your team. Our team of experienced counselors have gone through the proper training and know how to help.